Confessions of a BJJ White Belt: The White Belt in the Mirror

This week’s blog starts with a disclaimer (oooooh, how intriguing….)


First, if you don’t like Michael Jackson’s music, you might want to stop reading at this point.

Second, if you don’t like Michael Jackson’s music, you should probably reexamine your existence.

And now on with the show!

At some point in most people’s jiu-jitsu journey, it is my belief that we all have the same epiphany and it goes something like this:

“Holy cow, this is awesome, I’m so addicted to jiu-jitsu, what would I do if I didn’t have it in my life?!?!?”

This epiphany naturally leads most of us to ask the following questions:

 “Why do I love jiu-jitsu so much?”

“How can one thing be this awesome?”

“If all my money goes to training and sweet gi’s, how will I put my kids through college…?”

There are, of course, a million reasons why jiu-jitsu is so amazing, but today we are going to discuss what I believe to be the most important one.

And that reason is this; when you step onto the mat, jiu-jitsu holds a mirror up to you and shows you your true self, and by showing you who you truly are, jiu-jitsu helps you to improve yourself in limitless ways.

Therefore my friends, when it comes to the issues I have, I’m starting with the “white belt in the mirror.”

(…and I’m asking him to train all daaaaaaay….)

Want your game to get better? Step on the mat son, it’s that simple!!!

(And no message could have been any clearer)

You might think you are strong or you might think you are tough. OR…you might think that you are neither of those things. Jiu-jitsu will show you the truth.

And much like the Evil Queen’s “mirror mirror on the wall,” jiu-jitsu itself will give you the answers to all you seek in life if you simply ask of it with your sweat and time on the mat.

(If you want make yourself better at jits, then take a look at yourself and just go for it)

There is no hiding on the mat. Saulo Ribeiro said, “If you got money, doesn’t matter. If you’re strong, doesn’t matter. If you’re successful, doesn’t matter. When we put the gi (on) we are the same.”

Jiu-jitsu will force you to look at yourself and fix the areas where you might be lacking.

Think you’re in shape?

KAPOW! Now you’re sucking wind after just 3 minutes of some purple belt sitting on your neck.

Have trouble relating to other men?

KABOOM! Don’t even think about not slapping the hand of the guy who just kicked your ass for 5 minutes on the mat. Eat a piece of humble pie, thank him, respect him, and grow a little inside.

Are you a female who’s had bad experiences with aggressive men in the past?

SHAZAAM!!! Feel the self-empowerment of choking the life out of someone twice your size.

 Jiu-jitsu can be everything you want it to be: A fitness class, self-help course, therapy session, philosophy discussion, or just a good time with friends.

It’s not easy to take an honest look at yourself and make improvements. It takes maturity and strength of character, but now we have found the ideal tool for improving ourselves, so let’s get to work.

Just like the King of Pop said,

“Take a look at yourself and then make the change,

you gotta get it right, while you got the time,

'cause when you close your heart,

 you can't close your . . .your mind! ”

Nah-na-na, nah-na-na, nah-na–na-na-na…….


Hope you enjoyed this week’s post.

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