RFLX MMA MetaFit™ is a complete fitness program that develops the individual in all areas of the Core10™ Fitness Principles.


MMA MetaFit™ is designed to prepare the MMA fighter or Combat Athlete for competition. The basic workout is based on 5 x 5 minute rounds with 1 minute of rest in between. This means you get an intense, total body workout in just 28 minutes!


MMA MetaFit™ isn’t just about getting ripped or developing huge muscles. Unlike generalized fitness programs like weight training, P90X or CrossFit™, that focus only on superficial results, MetaFit™ is designed to maximize the skills and reflexes of the martial artist.


The system is designed to incorporate both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to burn fat, build muscle and increase metabolism. What’s great is that you can adjust your output on the fly according to your fitness and skill level.











Is MMA MetaFit™ for everybody?


Yes. You do not have to have experience in martial arts to participate and enjoy MMA MetaFit™. It is based on the training methods used by Combat Athletes. Martial Artists are generally recognized to be the fittest athletes on the planet. MMA MetaFit™ will get you into the best shape of your life without having actually get hit or have contact. It is super challenging and fun because it is fast paced and there is skill involved.


Is there contact? Is it safe?


There is no contact and it is safe for women and men.



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